Help Build this Website!

This part of the site will morph from input we receive from you, our Tech Day presenter or our Tech Day attendee. We can do a-lot from here. Maybe you had trouble finding a parking spot and wish that you had a MAP of the Tech Day site showing PARKING. Well then, we will make up maps of all the meeting sites we use and show visitor parking. Are you a vendor with a great companion Website that supports your presentation? We will review it and include it if it's technical and not just sales. Would you like to reach the technical services listserve from here with a question for your colleagues? That might be possible. Did you just redesign your website? Then we could showcase it with a Website of the Month page. However, we won't do much but add our favorite links until we hear from you, so let us know how you would use this space. Dawson will be happy to review your suggestions and incorporate them.

Tech Websites of Interest: