Who Should Attend Tech Days?

Every Tech day addresses a different topic with a different potential audience. Some are highly technical, others are broad overviews of a new technology. The level of required technical knowledge can only be inferred from the description of any given Tech Day.

Most Tech Days and workshops are intended for business analysts, system architects, project managers, and management decision makers who are interested in understanding the capabilities and benefits provided by the specific software, hardware, or technology focus of an upcoming Tech Day. Agencies planning technology transitions to a product or technology discussed at a Tech Day comprise the core group of attendees. Others come to learn about a new technology to determine if it addresses the needs of their agency. Some come because they are fascinated by the technology and want to learn more about it.

Many come to see the presentation and to network with their colleagues in other state agencies who are also interested in the topic. They come to find out who’s using the technology, who’s planning to purchase the technology, and who’s seriously considering the technology. These contacts form a knowledgeable core that one may draw on during subsequent product review, purchase, installation, and use of both established and bleeding edge technologies presented at Tech Days.

There’s always valuable “take away” from a Tech Day even for individuals that don’t fully understand the technology discussed. If they leave knowing what it does then they have a potential solution for a future issue or existing problem.