Tech Day Details

Title: State I/T Employees Tech Day
Date: Tuesday September 7th, 2010
Registration Time: 09:00AM
Start Time: 09:00AM
End Time: 11:00PM
Location: ,Capitol Park Welcome Center
Room: Meeting Room
Topic: Agency IT Information Exchange
Audience: All IT
Presenter: All agencies
Description: The purpose is to exchange information on each Department's I/T software, hardware, infrastructure, etc. This will be an open forum in which everyone will be encouraged to share their experiences concerning their I/T Departments so that each agency will not have to reinvent the wheel when looking at different technologies. They will be able to reach out to another agency that is using the technology being evaluated. This may be the first in a series of Tech Days in which there is no vendor present. We may need to divide future Tech Days into specific areas to facilitate more discussion.