Tech Day Details

Title: Combatting Cyber-Attacks and Advanced Malware
Date: Thursday April 4th, 2013
Registration Time: 08:15AM
Start Time: 08:30AM
End Time: 01:15PM
Location: Capitol Park Welcome Center
Topic: Combatting Cyber-Attacks and Advanced Malware
Audience: IT
Presenter: Critical Start
Description: As cyber-attacks become more common and yet more complex, new methods for understanding and protecting against them become a necessity. This seminar will go into detail about new technologies that can help combat cyber-attacks and advanced malware. The global threat landscape continues to evolve, creating more complexity and introducing additional risks to your most critical IT assets. Cyber adversaries include terrorists and hacktivists, criminals, insiders, and nation-sponsored groups. How can enterprises reduce the risk exposure associated with these threat vectors? At this event, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in interactive conversations and technology demonstrations that showcase the new capabilities required to combat these threats.