Mission, Vision, and Goals of CISD

Mission Statement

  • Promote coordination among the State information services organizations and serve as a primary advisory group for decision makers on IT matters.


  • Foster communication on IT issues
  • Provide educational opportunities to information services organizations
  • Promote sharing of ideas & experiences


  • To have active participation of all members, to be recognized and sought after by decision makers and to have a clear and attainable agenda.


  • Encourage the sharing of information system management & technical problems, solutions & ideas to support the business processes of the state
  • Provide input to centralized support/control organizations relative to information services matters
  • Use the wealth of expertise and experience of the State’s information systems directors and personnel to address issues facing the State’s information services community
  • Promote the development of a collaborative State information services community
  • Engage in activities to promote the efficiency & effectiveness of information services in the State’s business processes.


Committee Broad Charge
Higher Education Work towards the active engagement of higher education IT representatives in CISD
Program Develop a plan for monthly CISD meeting topics and publicize to membership
Membership/Marketing Promote and market CISD to current and potential members through the use of website, newsletter and other appropriate tools
Conference Plan and execute the annual CISD Conference.
Technology Advance discussion on technological issues that affect the member organizations


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