CISD Roster of Past Presidents

The leadership of CISD is elected on an annual basis from among its membership. Shown below are those who have generously given of their time, energies and efforts in support of the Council by serving as President.

2017 Fred Piazza LSU AgCenter
2016 Alan Phillips LA State Board of Medical Examiners
2015 Lance Neal Louisiana Board of Regents
2014 Lance Neal Louisiana Board of Regents
2013 Mike Riley Department of Justice
2012 Danny Ragan LA Office of Financial Institutions
2011 Lata Johnson Southern University Law Center
2010 Michael Carl LSU Agricultural Center
2009 Greg Speyrer LA Community & Technical College System
2008 Douglas Bryant LA Dept. of Culture, Recreation & Tourism
2007 Brent Leblanc Public Service Commission
2006 Raj Jindal Labor
2005 Raj Jindal Labor
2004 Terry Clair Corrections
2003 Steve Hebert Civil Service
2002 Terry Clair Corrections
2001 Rizwan Ahmed Natural Resources
2000 Dom Cali Transportation & Development
1999 Dom Cali Transportation & Development
1998 Bill Beyer Louisiana State University
1997 Dave Elder Economic Development
1996 Steve Hebert Civil Service
1995 Joe Wilcox Social Services
1994 Maurice Winker Teachers' Retirement System
1993 J. Dale Givens Environmental Quality
1992 Joe Wilcox Social Services
1991 Mike Blouin Labor
1990 Sylvia Vaught Division of Administration